Hand Crafted Bagpipe Chanter Reeds

Our trademark product is a chisel cut reed, with a rolled copper staple that is expertly manufactured and meticulously tested in Kirkcaldy, Scotland by Greig Canning.

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Why choose reeds from Castle Bagpipes?


  • We use only the finest cane, tested for hardness and selected for its quality.
  • The reed blades that we manufacture are made using the sharpest cutting tools possible, always going WITH the grain.
  • We do not sand or scrape any part of the reed profile – neither inside or outside!
  • We use a folded copper staple to ensure a warmer, less brash top hand tonality.
  • Our reeds are made using precision machines to give results that produce extremely high tolerance thresholds in the finished product, meaning excellent consistency of manufacture.

Measuring and Testing

  • Our cane is measured using state of the art measuring equipment.
  • Our reed blades are checked at crucial intervals along their profile to ensure manufacturing accuracy and consistency.
  • Our reeds are played by Greig, and production reeds are tested in the pipes regularly for pitch and vibration.

Customer Service

We have the ability to test reeds in many different chanters, both for soloists and pipe bands. Speak to us about your requirements today. Trade enquiries also welcome.

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